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Eurora Zio™ is a company created by a husband and wife team, both of them teachers going in their 12th year in the field. We sell plush toys called Cutie Pies™. The concept is to create a social entrepreneurship where we can make a profit while bringing a little bit of joy to children in stressful situations through donations of our toys. Children can identify with the character traits portrayed with each Cutie Pie™. This can inspire children to learn and grow in a positive way.

For this reason we decided that for every Cutie Pie™ bought, a Cutie Pie™ will be donated to a child in stressful situations. Our goal is to pair with different charities that help kids in need.

We are happy to announce that our first donation of 100 toys have been donated to Texas Children's Hospital. We are gratefull for the opportunity they gave us to share our toys with the children.